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As an Inspirational Speaker/Strategist, I have the ability to comprehend the complex and distill it down into the clear and simple. This is a skill I use in my speaking, mentoring, and in my business planning. I love to empower and inspire  individuals, businesses, groups, and organizations.  I thrive when the acceleration and the momentum takes place.

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Hello, my name is Kat and I help Leaders, managers, and self-employed individuals create pathways to success. Through transparency, compassion and humor, I’ll illuminate the pathway forward in an easy to understand, inspiring and practical manner that creates true tactical change for everyone involved.

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Kat Roedell – Inspirational Speaker/Strategist

Meet Kat Roedell


Kat Roedell – Inspirational Speaker/Strategist has a BS in Management and Information Technology, is working on her MBA in Leadership, and has over 30 years of experience in the Corporate and Government Sectors.  She left her full-time position as an Enterprise Architect over 9 years ago to embark on that incredible journey of Entrepreneurship.  She currently helps her clients in the areas of business growth and mindset changes.

Kat has a wealth of information and wisdom on Change Management, is an SME for Workforce and Workload Management, and understands how Personal Growth and Development affects people and organizations.

She also has a strong passion for building community, giving back and helping those in need.

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Roedell’s Roadmaps to Success

Kat presents a unique mix of the inspirational, strategic and tactical implementation methods in her “Roadmaps” which are simply implemented plans for change in the audience’s lives.

From Human Doing to Human Being in 6 Daily Steps


Designed for the dynamic doer who struggles with finding their work/life balance, this breakout session mixes a well-designed plan of action with tangible, tactical practices to execute.This talk teaches purposeful prioritization and structure to break through roadblocks. 

 With inspiration, motivation and practical processes, engage and enjoy as you learn the methods to shift yourself from a human doing to a human being in six easy to remember steps

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5 Powerful Tools for Personal Growth

This Keynote Speech with supporting workshop focuses on 5 key areas that we can learn to grow in:  Forgiveness, Prayer, Boundaries, Gratitude and Accountability. 

 These 5 core areas are critical to our growth and healing as individuals.  The talk and follow on workshop  is filled with stories, analogies, and exercises designed to help the audience understand the why and how of personal growth.

Interested in more? Kat Roedell – Inspirational Speaker/Strategist is also an author!  Buy her book at any major retailer or Amazon.com.

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Reach for the Stars


Do you know your purpose, passion, and place?  Learn to identify your patterns, then set the plan for your life! 

 This fun, interactive session is designed to help the audience learn to focus, lean into their passions and set a plan of action that is easy to implement.  Project planning mixed with life planning results in something SMART!

But wait, there’s more – use these strategic planning techniques to change your life, grow your business or help others! Be empowered to reach for the STARS with Kat Roedell – Inspirational Speaker/Strategist.


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Yes, Yes, Yes!


I just printed out your talking points for Doing to Being…yes yes yes. What I did — was several days ago I printed out 20 or so copies of the 6 points outline/ checklist, attached them to pages in my journal.  I wrote out answers -the first time-yesterday. Looking at that today, I was thinking that I needed a bit more instruction. And, Woohoo, there it was in the INBOX!!!! Thanks. This will help implement my process with the outline. Am I the only person learning to use it? I shall be happy to share my progress as I learn more.

Linda Kane


A great book indeed for spiritual growth!

Having read your book: 5 Powerful Tools for Personal Growth I can vouch for it being a great book for indeed spiritual growth. Having been a salesman which required a positive state of mind and having gone through stage 4 cancer treatment all the way to cured, it lends itself to personal growth and also healing for mentally and physical issues. Thank you for authoring such a book. You have done a great service for our Universe and the people in it.

Mark Lewis

Thank You to Kat Roedell


She is an amazing, strategic business consultant and project manager. She is compassionate, honest and a extremely smart business woman! She has been a blessing to me and my business! If you are looking for more ways to make your business shine, contact Kat.
Alisa Marie

Alisa Marie

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