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Hey, I can give you all the corporate pedigree and degrees that you need after my name. The high paying job, working my way up the ladder from the bottom rung, the education, the trainings, starting as a file clerk and climbing into strategic management but it doesn’t tell you who I am. It just gives you my credibility profile.

Who I am is someone who can take very complex ideas or problems and make them very easy to understand.  One coworker once told me “You took a great ugly ball of old spaghetti that was messy in my head and made it clear and simple for me to understand and for others to understand as well.”

I have the ability to comprehend the complex and distill it down into the clear and simple.  That is a skill I use in my speaking, mentoring, and in my business planning.  My jam is to see others grow and thrive.  They can be individuals, businesses, groups, and organizations.  It really doesn’t matter because I love to see the acceleration and the momentum take place.

My tagline is “Make the Fire Higher” because when we work together – we ignite change.

Kat Roedell – Author, Creator, Speaker



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My Current Work

5 Powerful Tools for Personal Growth

Did you ever want to grow personally, but just seem stumped on how to get there?  With so many self-help books out there it is hard to know who to listen to and what to actually do.

This book helps you to focus on 5 core areas that most people struggle with: forgiveness, prayer, accountability, boundaries, and gratitude. Each chapter is filled with stories, analogies, and exercises designed to help you understand the why and how of personal growth.

As an added bonus, I have created two packages to accelerate your growth journey – through workshops and mentoring.  Click below to find more about the programs that I offer.


I want to grow!


Immanuel Insurance Agency

We would highly recommend Kat. She did an awesome job helping us with new marketing ideas and ways to connect!

– Immanuel Insurance Agency


“Hold onto hope, believe in yourself you will never know unless you try. ”

Thank you to Kat Roedell of Stonehouse Consulting Group.
She is an amazing, strategic business consultant and project manager. She is compassionate, honest and a extremely smart business woman! She has been a blessing to me and my business! If you are looking for more ways to make your business shine, contact Kat.

Alisa Marie





Alisa Marie – Alisa Marie Art & Design

A great book indeed for spiritual growth!

Having read your book: 5 Powerful Tools for Personal Growth I can vouch for it being a great book for indeed spiritual growth. Having been a salesman which required a positive state of mind and having gone through stage 4 cancer treatment all the way to cured, it lends itself to personal growth and also healing for mentally and physical issues. Thank you for authoring such a book. You have done a great service for our Universe and the people in it.

Mark Lewis